Date of Issuance: July 21, 2016

Upon issuance of authorization from the Japanese Ministry of Economics Trade and Industry (METI), the Greek Chamber of Commerce in Japan (GrCCJ) was formed on June 30, 2016.  The newly elected Board of Directors of the GrCCJ voted to preliminarily enact the new Constitution on June 28, 2016. 


The GrCCJ was established in an effort to further develop commerce between Greece and Japan, to promote the interests of Greek business in Japan, to assist Japanese financial and commercial institutions in their efforts at developing business in Greece, and to promote and encourage interest in Greek industry and culture throughout Japan. The GrCCJ is keenly aware that the Greek diaspora, as found all over the world, continues to be a pertinent factor in linking Greece with the international community, and thus hopes to nurture connections with the Greek diaspora as a means of further globalizing the outlook and reach of the organization. 

The GrCCJ is a non-profit member organization run by and for its members. Though we expect our members to have an interest in Greek-Japanese commercial affairs, membership is open to individuals and companies of all nationalities and interests.